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“Things That Are Funnier Than Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino,” was the headline that caught my eye as I put my studies on hold to peruse the Internet. I can name a lot of things funnier than Mr. GTL himself, like the broken parking meter I had yesterday that just flashed me “FAIL” the whole night, but I thought I’d check out what other people had in mind.

It was a not-so-interesting article, to say the least, but it linked me to a page that led to another Mike Sorrentino parody article that really got my attention. I was so interested in what I read, I had to know more about what was on this site. So I clicked home, and was met with (note that 1:50 gives me hope): George Michael Sexy Sax, and just under that:

Intriguing, right?

I thought so! And who do I owe this compilation of absolutely absurd tidbits of entertainment? That would be TheFrisky.com, of course.

TheFrisky.com is one of the largest women’s interest and lifestyle websites, covering subjects from politics to fashion, and usually doing so with just a hint of sarcasm and humor. It’s set up kind of like a gossip magazine website and targets women ages 18-34 from all walks of life, and aims to “celebrate real women.” With the content rolling in on this site, I think it should aim a little lower; all I see is the celebration of the natural talent of idiocy God has blessed so many people with.

I’m not complaining though. It’s refreshing to see a website, geared towards females, primarily run by females (from what I can tell), that tries to center itself around the kind of humor we stereotypically don’t have or get. So, for all you ladies out there interested in watching dogs riding scooters down the street or a man make-out with a rat on a New York subway, I would highly recommend checking out TheFrisky.com.

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