Who wants to Disco?


Google’s acquisition of the group text-messaging website Disco has allowed the popular search engine website to further enter the market of smart phones’ and their applications.

Accessible for free, Disco allows users to sign up using a mobile phone number and their name. Upon signing up, Disco sends a text message to that mobile phone number listing a temporary password and a link to change the password to something of the user’s liking.

Disco SMS Texting

Disco.com SMS Texting Messaging

Once the phone number has been verified, Disco users can begin creating groups and inviting their contacts. What makes Disco so intricate is that it allows the sending and receiving of text messages from both Disco’s website and also from the mobile app available on the iPhone and other smart phones.

The interface of Disco is extremely user-friendly, making it easy to change the group name, add members to groups via their numbers and type messages to be sent. When a new member is added, they are notified via text message, displaying the message’s content and the name of the group the person is invited into. However individuals who don’t have the application are unable to see who else is in the group until they too have downloaded the application.

Disco also allows users to mix with Facebook, adding friends to groups as well as use transfer friends’ Facebook profile pictures over to Disco. As a free service, Disco allows smart phone owners to juggle business and their personal lives, creating multiple groups to stay in touch and communicate instantly with large quantities of contacts.

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