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When it comes to having our questions answered on the internet, all too often we rely on websites like, Yahoo Answers or the recently retired Google Answers, where our responses come from strangers or anonymous sources.

In ever-constant pursuit to expand its uses, Facebook recently created “Facebook Questions” as a means to create a forum for users to submit and answer one another’s questions. By simply visiting the Facebook Questions homepage and enabling its use through the simple click of a button, users are able to harness this brand new feature.

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Described on its homepage to “Get answers from the people you trust,” Facebook has alleviated the greatest flaw of former Q&A websites: the source of your answers comes from a trusted source, your friends!

Facebook boasts that its Questions features offers three affects: Learn From Your Friends, See Where People Stand and Share What You Know. Questions can be asked from the top of one’s profile page, while questions can be answered via the News Feed page or the profile page of the friend posting the question.

Several variations remain as to how questions can be asked on Facebook. Questions can be open ended, allowing friends to answer anything, or users can create polls restricting answers to several choices. While Facebook intends for questions asked to produce short-responses, their is no limit to what can be asked often producing lengthy responses.

Also when an individual responds to a Facebook friend’s questions, his or her answer will appear on the person’s profile page, thus ensuring that the Questions feature continues to spread throughout the social media website. Whether the purpose of one’s question is over a favorite sports team, Coke or Pepsi, or regarding favorite restaurants in New York, Facebook has produced yet another way to connect people and expand the website’s uses.

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