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Whenever I want to read blogs about current events and vital issues, I always take a look at the World Blog from NBC News. It “provides a dynamic look at world events and trends — both big and small — from NBC News correspondents, producers, and bureaus around.” One of my favorite blogs from this Web site is called the Journey of Journalism – Going Full Circle. It was published in 2008, but I still believe this issue is relevant today. Here are some of my thoughts on this important topic….

As we observe the steady decline in newspaper circulation and television news viewership as well as the recent announcements of layoffs or buyouts in newsrooms across the country, it is easy to believe that these are the worst of times for journalism. Despite many gloomy feelings toward journalism’s future, new technologies offer a positive, transforming force for journalism. Modest marketing and digital technology are transforming journalism as profoundly as the telegraph and television did. The world has a reason to be hopeful because online opportunities can make journalism’s future bright. Journalists can utilize this new technology to help communities explore social and political issues as well as to reshape our democratic institutions.

As people look back at the early years of the 21st Century, they will hopefully see it as an exciting new period for journalism opportunities. The decline of the traditional form of journalism for newspapers does not automatically mean that journalism will pass away. The public’s desire for news will always prevail. Due to new communication channels and technologies, this is the time when a more informed public can emerge. Consumer and producer interactivity will increase and more diverse perspectives from people around the world will be shared. By overcoming the fear of new digital tools, people will be able to see the positive journalism possibilities that lie in the future.

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