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While the role of the Internet has become further immersed in everyday life, free online music websites have gradually diminished. The eventual fall of illegal file sharing websites like Napster and Limewire have left consumers with limited options for finding music. Since most people are becoming less willing to pay $1.29 per song on iTunes, many have resorted to listening to songs for free on Youtube in order to save money.

The development of the United Kingdom founded music website is a useful source for finding new music. After creating an account, encourages downloading “The Scrobbler” a desktop application that helps recommend new music and create a detailed profile of the account.

The Scrobbler accomplishes this by automatically filling your profile with music you’ve been listening to on your computer. The music that the Scrobbler takes comes from your iPod, Android, the songs the user listens to on and also from the Internet radio stations the site offers.

Blending aspects of social media into the free music website, allows account holders to upload pictures, share profile information, add friends and share playlists amongst members.

Upon listening to several music artists, will go to work on the account’s profile page, displaying several recommended artists that are similar in genre, style and taste. When an individual clicks on an artist’s page, he or she is given a myriad of options including playing that artist’s radio station, reading biographical information, and purchasing albums and songs from Amazon or iTunes. Artist’s profile page also include many interactive features including display of top songs, a “Shoutbox” for commenting, as well the display of other members who listen to that artist.

Further augmenting its music capabilities, also features an Events section, displaying upcoming concerts, festivals and shows, including links to purchase tickets.

With endless radio stations streaming millions of songs for free, is an intriguing website for organizing, sharing, and finding music.

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