Bing and Google compete for Web searchers


Searches powered by Microsoft seem to be catching up rather quickly to Google.

According to numbers gathered by Experian Hitwise and comScore, Microsoft gained 30.01 percent of the U.S. search market in March, with 14.32 percent from and 15.69 percent from Yahoo Search, which Bing now powers. This is a six percent increase from February for Bing and a five percent rise for Yahoo.

While Google remains at the top with 64.42 percent, could its declining numbers mean Bing will soon be the new Google in 2012?

Although the probability of Bing replacing Google remains unknown, what is a fact is how much Google’s market share has been affected after Bing started powering Yahoo Search in August.

According to an article on, the rate of growth for Bing-powered search appears to be increasing. In projections graphed in the article, Bing is expected to overtake Google in January 2012.

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Personally, Google is ingrained into my web-searching habit, but for others, Bing’s momentum is impacting their way to search. On the other hand, I do turn to Bing for its easy-to-use flight searching, offering simultaneous comparisons between airlines and graphs showing when its best to buy, so maybe I should attempt a switch. However, for the time being, Google still controls two-thirds of the market, according to, and I don’t think the web-searching giant is leaving the worldwide vocabulary just yet.

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