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Ever wish you could watch America’s Funniest Home Videos whenever you wanted to? Well, just short of buying the series DVDs, you can always get your daily dose of hysterical fail at

Created in 2008, is a comedic blog website that allows site users/members to upload and view hilarious videos, pictures, tweets, etc.

It really is the perfect pick me up, since it showcases the everyday idiocy and overabundance of the population today displays. For example, in the “Failbook” section on the site, Facebook statuses and their responses are screen-shotted (with the identities protected) and posted on the forum, like this one:

You can also visit the #LFMF section, which stands for “Learn From My Life.” Here, the funny tweets with the #LFML hashtags are displayed. They range from every subject and are usually little tidbits of wisdom that forewarn others of not-so-bright ideas that were just tested. For example:

There are tons of other “specialties” the site features, like “failing” tattoos, fashion, and crazy things parents say. It’s a 24/7 AFV, without the not-so-funny hosts interjecting with lame commentary every two seconds. If you’re ever in need of a good laugh, or just like to explore how ignorant some people can be, I would highly recommend checking out this site. You never know what you might find.

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