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Want to see the world from the palm of your hand? The popular smart phone application Tour Wrist lets viewers explore locations from all around the world. Offering 360-degree panoramic photographs from an iPhone, iPad or your computer’s screen, Tour Wrist lets viewers jump from country to country displaying stunning images from all seven continents.

Tour Wrist offers panoramic images of sites from around the world

What originally began as a fun application for seeing exotic places of the world has developed into a useful resource for finding businesses, services, and real estate. Sure, if you’d like to simply explore the Western Cemetery in Cairo or the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Tour Wrist can be extremely satisfying. To expand its uses, Tour Wrist has developed numerous search categories including, point of interests, real estate, hotel and resorts, dining, retail and even vehicles.

The idea is simple: simply by checking this application one can see a prospective apartment for sale, the interior of a restaurant you plan on visiting, or even a typical hotel room of a potential vacation spot.

What’s more is that Tour Wrist lets you upload your own tour of a destination, home or business. The catch however is that tour creators must hire a professional photographer to take the images, ensuring that all postings are on par with the existing panoramic images. Tour Wrists notes that, “Tours that depict general spaces without marketing a specific property are defined as ‘non–commercial’, and thus hosting is free.” Tours featuring homes for sale, or commercial businesses require a subscription of $29 annually or $3.99 per month.

Tour Wrist promotes itself as a way to “Go Anywhere Without Going Anywhere.” While we still can’t truly teleport ourselves around the world, Tour Wrist is the next best thing.

Want to learn more? Check out Tour Wrist’s promotional video.

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