Listography: An organizational tool


Is writing perpetually long to do lists the only way you can get organized? Whether its a matter of organizing homework assignments, movies to see, books to read, or a grocery list, list making is sometimes the only way to arrange one’s life. Now when its time to get work done, list writers can throw out all those colorful Post-its and start using Listography!

What was originally launched in 2006 has grown into a useful tool for personal organization and social media. When you sign up and create an account on Listography, you are given a homepage where you can begin building lists. Your lists, which can be organized by category or color coded, are displayed neatly together on a homepage. sample profile page

What’s more is that listographers can navigate other people’s profile pages, viewing lists of favorite books, movies, memories and categorized photographs. Since not all lists are meant to be shared, Listography also lets users archive their lists, creating private folders that will not be viewed by others.

One of the best ways to explore Listography and its uses is to click the “Someone new” button on the upper right of the Web page. Clicking “Someone new” will jump you from one listographer’s profile page to another, displaying numerous random lists. To overcome the randomness, Listography also lets users bookmark other profile pages in order to keep up to date with them.

To accommodate the mobile world, Listography has also developed a mobile application for smart phones, making it easy to update lists by cellphone, laptop or desktops computer. While the iPhone app for Listography does cost $1.99, it offers all of the same features and capabilities that the website offers. The website, however, remains free, offering an extremely easy method for getting organized and in order.

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