Fring: Double the fun with Group Video Chat


When Apple’s iPhone 4 was released last June, all the buzz surrounded the smartphone’s new FaceTime video calling feature. Allowing two people to hear and now see each other from the palm of their hand was certainly a big step for cell phone technology. But why stop there?

Today the mobile communication service provider Fring has come out with a new iPhone application that lets users video chat with not one, not two, but three people simultaneously!

Offering several features, Fring lets downloaders video call and group video call using Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G as platforms. The application also offers free calling and live chatting to Fring’s network, MSN Messenger, AIM and GoogleTalk. With the exception of the “fringOut” feature to call friends who don’t have Fring for a rate of one cent per minute, all applications are free upon download!

Compared to other video chatting options such as the Skype desktop client where group video chatting requires paying for the account, Fring offers the same service to mobile devices for no price.

The iPhone application itself is sleek and user friendly, offering the option to upload contact information to Fring’s Buddy List from your phone address book, Facebook, AIM, Yahoo, Google Talk and several other directories. By making it easy to invite friends, Fring hopes to launch its group video calling feature to all iPhone owners and smartphone owners alike.

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