Publish2, the ultimate newswire


As social media take over as one of the major ways that news is disseminated across the globe, having a way to sort, categorize and access all of this information is a tool that could help all journalists get information to their readers as fast as readers expect it. Enter Publish2, a news exchange or newswire dedicated to doing just this. Publish2 itself is a way for journalists to gain access to various newswires, sites and sources from around the country and the globe.

Journalists can set up networks for their organizations to share and receive content. There are also ways to upload and distribute content across the Publish2 network, although there is the option to specifically control who accesses the content so that only certain customers can get to what is offered. There are automation options that allow an organization to allow content to automatically upload or download.

The real asset of this website is the ability to search through thousands of newswires and search by topic, allowing you to find content as general or specific as you need. It allows you to maintain control of what you produce by setting the terms of use for all of your own content and set where that content can go, allowing you to exclude or include certain news organizations.

Publish2 costs nothing to register for, but is only open to publications that meet its editorial standards.  The free price tag probably will not last as the organization looks for ways to grow, develop, and profit from streamlining journalistic content.

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