Flipboard reaches 20 million users in its second year


Flipboard, a news-reading app, has reached 20 million users in just its second year since conception. This app allows users to link all their social media accounts together and present it as a blog to the reader. The most popular articles are grouped together, making it easier for users to navigate through the information in an organized manner. Based on Flipboard’s infographic showing its user stats, they gain one new user per second.

It is estimated that 1.5 million users use the app on a daily basis and users spend an average of 86 minutes per month on the app. There are three billion items shared each month on Flipboard, which is broken down into what the most popular sections and articles have been on a weekly and monthly basis. Currently, the app can be accessed in more than 200 countries. The most popular countries to access Flipboard are reported to be the United States, United Kingdom, China, Japan, and Canada.

To see it clearly on a per user basis, users in Brazil spend the most time on Flipboard, users in Mexico read the most articles, and users in Japan have the most social interactions per user. Inside the U.S., the states who use it the most are Los Angeles, Houston, New York City, Orlando, and Chicago. Of the 20 million users, 75 percent are readers on iPads connected to social networks. This app can be downloaded onto tablets and smart phones.


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