Policymic.com allows anyone to be online journalist


Policymic is a self-described “democratic news platform.” It is essentially a dynamic news blog whose main categories are “Politics,” “World,” “Culture,” and “Millenials.” Policymic differs greatly from other news blogs, however. It’s sort of a social media platform for would-be online journalists.

The contributors on the site, known as “pundits,” are chosen by the general public.

The general public consists of people who create accounts on the site in order to comment on stories and can “mic,” or recommend, the comments of others.

Members who become pundits work with site editors to develop and produce their content.

Pundits remain engaged with the site’s readers by replying to reader comments and by either forming alliances or rivalries with other pundits.

The idea behind the site, launched in June 2011, is to hear what people other than the usual “experts” have to say about what’s going on in the news or what is news.

The site is a great way for aspiring journalists to get their feet wet with reporting, opinion writing, and/or Internet publishing.

It’s also a great way to keep an eye on what is considered news and what is being said about the news outside of the traditional media.

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