Dropbox tools can be useful to journalists


When it comes to saving files, photos or videos in a personal computer, there is always a doubt if the file was actually saved or a fear that the file might get lost; this is where Dropbox comes in.

Dropbox is an application that lets a user have documents, photos, and videos anywhere. The user simply creates an account and downloads the app on his or hers personal computer. Once the download is done, the user has the choice of giving his or her phone number to have the files on the go. When the user has completed creating the account, he or she places the files he or she wants to save in the Dropbox folder. When using a public computer, the user logs in to the Dropbox website and access the files from there.

There are three options when creating the account as to the amount of space the user would like to have. It starts off with 2 GB for free and then 100 GB for $9.99 per month or 200 GB for $19.99 per month.

But the app is not only to save files, it also can be used to share files with family, friends or coworkers. The app has a folder for public use and once the files are placed there, the user gets a link to share.

After finding out about this app, I immediately downloaded the app to have a peace of mind, especially when it comes to schoolwork. There is no worst feeling than losing a paper or story right before it has to be turned in. I think every journalist and journalism student can agree with me on this.

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