Music meets politics with ‘Spotify the Election’


If you have grown up in the era of digital media, you have seen the media for accessing music travel from file-sharing sites like LimeWire to iTunes to Internet radio (such as Pandora and to the newest interactive music player, Spotify.

A cut above the rest, Spotify has successfully partnered with Facebook in that each song a user plays is simultaneously shown on their timeline to encourage the sharing of music amongst friends. Furthermore, Spotify has targeted companies and artists and offered them the ability to make playlists as advertisements.

As Spotify’s latest installment of ingenuity, it has teamed up with The Huffington Post and created a new type of elections coverage designed to be a portal for young people (Spotify’s main audience consists of teens and 20-somethings) to become informed about this year’s presidential election. “Spotify The Election,” as Huffington Post front page editor Chris Gentilviso explains it, is “curating playlists for the moments that make us cringe, chuckle, and cast votes for the candidates of our choice.”

Depending on a state’s status (supporting Obama, toss-up, or supporting Romney), a playlist will be available that plays songs meant to fit the appropriate “political mood.”

If you choose Illinois, feast your ears to Robert Johnson’s “Sweet Home Chicago while seeing Obama’s travels through his home state. If a toss-up state like Florida is of more interest to you, read about and look at the Romney-Ryan campaign’s adventures through the sunshine state via slideshow while listening to Rihanna’s “Where Have You Been.”

As the digital world continues to advance, multimedia experiences like “Spotify The Election” look to encourage the tech-saavy to still stay informed with political pulse of America while experiencing a more engaging medium than pure print. To make it even more interactive, The Huffington Post encourages its readers to email, tweet @Spotify or @HuffPost with a hashtag #SpotifytheElection or comment on their Facebook accounts with songs that just pop up when reading the newest political scoops.

Other publications and campaigns should take note, because strategies such as “Spotify The Election” are bound to bring more informed voters to the polls on Nov. 6.

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