Apple technology continues to advance journalism field work


With the pen and paper era nearly dying out in the year 2012, reporters and journalists more and more are depending on technology to get their work done.

With the iPhone being too small to complete journalistic tasks and the iPad being on the larger side, Apple currently has a smaller iPad in the works.

Apple is set to release the 7.85 inch iPad in October, which is exciting news for on-the-go journalists worldwide. This iPad is a smaller version of the one that is in stores now, which is 9.7 inches.

Although this iPad is more convenient to carry around than a laptop computer, smaller is better in this field and a mini iPad was in high demand. Journalists can quickly type up a story or report and send it out when on scene and the even smaller iPad will help make this easier.

Reported leaks have shown that the new iPad will be available in white and black and will closely resemble the iPhone with a next generation 19-pin connector. Also, the tablet is supposed to look very similar to the iPod touch yet larger.

Either way, this technological advancement from Apple will yet again help further the journalism and reporting field in a positive way. There is no word yet about what Apple may call their newest device but it is sure to please.

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