allows journalists to stay on top of news


A website called allows journalists to stay on top of breaking news stories by providing news as it is published from several news and social media websites.

The site, which reads like a storyboard, publishes real-time stories as they occur and then lists them chronologically down the face of the site. A recent story concerning the New Orleans Saints-National Football League bounty scandal reads, “Appeal panel overturns suspensions of NFL players in bounty scandal.”

The site also features other useful tools for journalists to fine-tune the site. Panels on the left side of the site list trending topics and controls on the top allow you to filter between different types of news. On the right side of the site, it lists the most widely read recent stories. It also lists new related photos and videos towards the bottom of the site.

The biggest use for this tool, simply put, is to allow journalists to stay current with the most current breaking news. Journalists looking to follow real-time or developing news can use the tool to meet deadlines and file stories while they are still relevant and fresh for readers.

So next time you find yourself wondering about, say, the Saints-NFL bounty scandal, check and see what’s happening.

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