LOOKBOOK.nu creates forum for fashion lovers


Many fashion lovers and critics browse the Internet to keep up with the latest trends, find inspiration for a new look or search for their favorite pair of Jeffrey Campbells. But what if there was a site that featured new trends in high-end fashion and helped users re-invent their style while getting feedback from users worldwide?

Well, it just so happens that this site exists.

Founded in 2008, LOOKBOOK.nu is an online community that allows users to not only keep up with the latest fashion trends, but also promote their blogs, photography or even their boutiques – which makes the site a useful source for fashion journalists and photographers who want to show off their work or find out what trends are popular at the moment.

Although it started as an invitation-only site, it has expanded to a free open service. The site also allows users to share their favorite looks – or their own looks – with their friends and followers on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.

Once you make an account, you can create looks and browse through others’ favorite trends and styles. If a certain outfit catches your eye, you can “hype” it. The looks that get the most hype end up on the Hot page, where the most popular looks in the LOOKBOOK.nu community are posted.

There is also a New page, which features looks that were recently posted by “reputable members.” The more hype you get, the more reputable you become. Users are judged by karma – the number of hypes a user has received, divided by the number of different looks the user has posted. LOOKBOOK.nu members are also allowed to comment on others’ looks in order to create an open forum on the site.

Although the site can be fun, it does require users to follow a few rules: the user must be the model in the photo, photos that don’t belong to the respective user will be deleted, looks can’t be repeated and there can’t be more than one look per photo.

For more information, visit LOOKBOOK.nu.

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