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Tracking top articles and top sections on a website just got easier for editors and reports. Newsbeat is a new version of Chartbeat’s services that can be helpful for newsrooms. is a website that tracks real-time Web traffic statistics. It allows publishers to answer important questions about sections on their websites, for example, who is on the site at that moment, what are the top contents being used or read and where the reader came from. These questions help an editor evaluate the readers’ ways of surfing the website.

Newsbeat lets editors and reporters establish dashboards to track articles and sections of their own websites that fit in their everyday work. It provides the path of a story in specific details. Newsbeat has a traffic spike alert that lets editors stay on top of popular content and what has the most potential.

The way that Chartbeat or Newsbeat works is by installing it on the editor’s or reporter’s website. A pinging Chartbeat every 15 seconds will alert the user of the action going on the website. Each article or section will have a “hearbeat” that will allow an editor or reporter have access of the status of that particular content on the website.

Chartbeat has a free trial of 30 days and after the free trial is up the cost starts at $9.95 per month depending on the plan the user chooses. There are four plans in total the user can choose from with the “Standard” plan being the cheapest. The user can cancel during the 30-day free trial without any charges. Chartbeat can be installed on five different websites.

Newsbeat has been used by TechCrunch, CNNMoney, Nieman Lab, The New York Times, Ponter. and Wired.

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