Journalist resources and the wonderfulness of SPJ


Having recently done research into meta search engines, which enable people to search multiple search engines at one time, I wanted to give my fellow classmates the ability to find many resources in one spot.

Some of you may already be members of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), but I recently became a member. On its Web site (, there is a category in the top menu called Journalist Resources. You can also get there by going directly to After clicking on this, I doubt your life will be the same.

There are more than 60 categories ranging in topics from agriculture, to crime to layout and design; many of these categories have multiple sites listed within them. So there is a wealth of information. It is basically a site where they do what we are trying to attempt with this blog, which is giving each other multiple resources on the Internet.

When working on a new story, it is  worth your time to see what sites this page has listed as important. There is even a category for expert sources for those times when you are stumped about who to ask. There are sites about the rules of journalism and even helpful conversation tips for those of us who tend to get a bit awkward interviews. You know who you are.

The best part about the resource, though, is that you do not have to be a member of SPJ to use it. Although being a member looks snazzy on a resume, do not wait to check out this Web site. I, unfortunately, did not check it out until now because I was not a member, but do not make the same mistake because being a member is not a necessary step in using the information that the page provides.

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