Become a multimedia journalist with five iPhone apps


For most people the iPhone is a luxury, but for journalists – it’s a necessity. Not only does it have a high-definition camera and video camera, it has applications that turn a dull reporter into a multi-platform journalist in minutes.

We all know that journalism is no longer what it used to be. Knowing how to write a good story is no longer good enough if you can’t take photos, shoot videos, use social media, and blog from anywhere, at anytime.

Because of the iPhone, many reporters who were never trained to do anything but write can still get a job. Why? One word: Apps.

I came across a blogpost this morning and was surprised as I began reading the post titled, “Best iPhone Apps for Journalists.” I have always treated my iPhone like a prized possession, but I now know – it is one.

This blogpost lists five applications that can aide a journalist with anything from interviews and note taking to photography editing and social media. All you have to do is have good cellular service to be able to download the apps.

Some of these apps, I’m sure (or at least hope) everyone has heard of: Instagram, Evernote, and iMovie. The other two apps — Twitter Client and Cinchcast — aren’t as well known, but after downloading them myself, I can say that a journalist can definitely benefit from them.

Twitter Client is an app that allows you to control your social media feeds by customizing your timeline. That way you can filter breaking news and never miss out on something important. It is something so minuscule, but important for a journalist. Remember, knowledge is power. Twitter Client allows you to know faster and knowing faster gives you extra time to check the source.

Cinchcast is another amazing journalistic tool because it allows you to record any length of audio and upload it to your blog and/or website immediately. This saves so much time and stress because everything you need is readily available to you, and easily accessible.

If journalists download these five apps, there’s no stopping them. With Instagram to help you upload and edit photos, Evernote to organize your interviews, Cinchcast to record and upload your audio, iMovie to shoot and edit videos, and Twitter Client to manage your social media – you can’t go wrong.

Journalists: If you don’t have an iPhone, I think you’re due for an upgrade. And if you do have an iPhone, never leave it at home. News never sleeps.

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