No Photoshop? Use PicMonkey online photo editor


As a journalist, there may be pictures that you are dying to select to accompany the best article you have written in your life in your professional life.

But it turns out that you don’t have Photoshop or worst, it keeps giving you the dreaded message, “Photoshop is not responding.” What do you do when you are on a tight deadline and the article has to be submitted to your editor in the next 15 minutes?

Don’t fret, for there is PicMonkey, an online photo editing program with similar features that Photoshop offers. It has basic features such as crop, rotate, resize, and exposure.

Some of the more advanced features that are very similar to Photoshop’s is blemish fix, wrinkle remover, add mascara and lip tint, and even a feature that gives the illusion of weight loss. There is also a burn and dodge feature that allows to play with the shadows of the picture.

Some special features they have are also similar to the filters on Instagram, where the picture can be given a vintage touch or just black and white. PicMonkey is free to use and it allows you to save the edited picture on the desktop. There is also an option to create a collage of pictures.


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