ArcGIS — the tool to map out your story


Every journalist wants to write the best story he or she could possibly write and finding new ways of gathering information to enrich news stories got easier with ArcGIS.

ArcGIS is a Web-based system that offers large gallery maps that help the user who is interested in tapping into publicly available data sources. This tool is created to share maps that will help improve news stories. 

The company that ArcGIS is a part of is called EsriEsri inspires and allows people to impact the future of the world with geographic understanding of changing the world. Esri was founded by Jack Dangermond in 1969. His intention was to use mapping and analysis framework that could provide an understanding of the world.

ArcGIS works in three ways, link the maps to or embed in articles or stand alone web apps. Aside from share data sources, the system has drawing tools to highlight, mark and embed links to information that is related to the maps the journalist is sharing.

There are different prices for the software because there are four products: desktop, mobile, server and online. For more information on the pricing for each of these products visit Esri

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