Instapaper: Where print meets mobile device


Instapaper, a well-established app for iPhone, Kindle, Android and iPad users, is perfect for journalists constantly traveling.

For a one-time price of $2.99, users of this app can download articles from on the web to their devices and access them without having Internet access. That means you would never have to break open that SkyMall in the seat pouch during the three-hour flight from Miami to Boston.

The most advanced features of the app can be accessed by iOS users. The app can send stories to be published on more than 20 other apps including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and others. On top of that, because the app is all about offline usage, posts can be saved in queues for other applications and posted the next time that 3G or WiFi service is available.

“The iPhone and now iPad have transformed Instapaper from being a useful service into an essential one,” said M.G. Siegler of Techcrunch Magazine, according to Instapaper’s website.

As journalism constantly changes to become a more digital medium, apps like Instapaper encourage readers to stick with old school publications like The New York Times and Washington Post, but through a new, efficient way. It allows journalists to do research and brush up on what their colleagues are writing all in one central location and even when internet access isn’t available. While journalists in the 20th century used to stockpile clippings and fumble through multiple publications, 2012 provides them with a library right on their phone or tablet that can be synchronized with other devices.

Apps such as Instapaper are quickening the pace of worldwide communication as it has already seen extreme growth over the past 10 years. One can only imagine the databases and instant access to information that will be available even more frequently and easily in the future.

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