shows where candidate funding originates


A website called now takes the guessing out of figuring out just where the presidential candidates are getting their money from.

The website is operated by a group called the Center for Responsive Politics, who describe themselves as the nation’s, “Premier research group tracking money in U.S. politics and its effect on elections and public policy.”

Their mission is simple enough. They want to inform citizens about how monetary contributions are affecting politics so as to empower voters and advocate for a more transparent and honest government system in the United States.

The website offers a plethora of statistics and different features to allow users to track spending breakdowns by interest groups, PACs, and lobbyists. It also allows users to track party breakdowns as well as individual politicians, which given the current ongoing presidential election, is more important now then ever.

The homepage lists the most recent expenditures by independent groups in the presidential election, and for whom or against whom those expenditures were made for. For instance, the Crossroads GPS group recently spent $690,334 campaigning against Obama. The website then allows users to view profiles of the groups making the donations, so that they can be informed of the individuals running the groups, and just what they stand for.

Ultimately, in politics, it often comes down to who has more money. Now, thanks to journalists and citizens alike can have a better understanding of just where that money is coming from.

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