Electoral-vote.com helps journalists track 2012 election


For the concerned voter who is interested in just how the election is going to date, and also for those trying to get an early glance at who will win the election come November, a website called electoral-vote.com allows you to do just that.

The website is simple really. It’s a basic map of the United States, with the appropriate states that are either voting Democrat or Republican filled in accordingly. It allows users to go through results as they happen on a day-to-day basis, and also track past results.

Filters on the site allow users to determine what polling results they want to choose to include from their searches and graphs at the bottom of the webpage help users to track the results as if they were the stock market, viewing each president’s candidacy as if it were a stock value as it rises and falls over time.

Most importantly though, is the banner across the top of the website that provides, in very easy to read terms, the current electoral breakdown between the two candidates, and also the breakdown within the senate between the two parties. While it may be simple, it provides an incredibly detailed breakdown and the descriptions as to why each candidate’s stock may be rising or falling is impeccable.

Ultimately, electoral-vote.com is a great tools for journalists looking to keep their fingers on the pulse of the ongoing elections.

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