Journalist’s toolbox, a hidden SPJ treasure


There have been many times when I have wondered why there is no “database” for journalists.

When I have been struggling thinking of questions to ask before an interview or on deadline but experiencing writer’s block, I run to Google for some sort of relief. Instead, I find nothing.

That all changed today when I encountered Journalist’s Toolbox, a website created by the Society of Professional Journalists. This “toolbox” is a dream come.

It is a journalist’s very own database that can solve anything from interview concerns to credible fact checking sites, and even writer’s block.

Yes, a cure for writer’s block – a journalist’s worst nightmare. Thank Journalist’s Toolbox for that.

Journalist’s Toolbox is constantly updating its site with tools to help journalists reporting for a print publication, blog, magazine, social media outlet or the Internet. It takes the word database to a new whole level, providing journalists with several categories to make their searches for certain tools and websites easier, especially when facing a time crunch.

Not only is Journalist’s Toolbox thinking of professional reporters, they’re thinking of college reporters as well. The toolbox has a category dedicated to college media where college journalists can go to and find websites that have college news from across the world, college newspaper ethics, college newspaper survival guides and more.

This extremely valuable tool gives online journalism a whole new outlook. Although this site is constantly posting new information, finding tools from long ago is very accessible. Journalist’s Toolbox has a monthly archives section where users can easily access information posted in the past. Simple and convenient.

Overall, this site is a great resource for journalists to bookmark and keep in mind. Most of the tools are free and you can find anything from visual, audio, and data resources to blogs, government sites, and guides.

Even when your interview questions are under control, your writing is flowing and your deadline is stress-free, having the Journalist’s Toolbox a click away will give you peace of mind (and some great last minute ideas).

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