POPVOX helps journalists find bills before Congress


Constituent communications can be challenging information to gather because of the complex language used for bills in Congress and the amount of material each bill has, but POPVOX brings the information clear and at once.

POPVOX is a website that gives a summary, sponsor, status and list of the organizations that support or oppose a bill. The website gives the information on a link to each of the positions.

The user simply searches the bill by number or keyword on the search bar and will get the information needed. The site also lets the user find more information about a state, district or Member of Congress.

If the user wants to be up-to-date with what’s going on the Hill, he or she can simply sign up for the latest announcements and it also includes “This Week in Congress” updates. If the user wants to join POPVOX, then he or she can login with his or her Google, Facebook or Twitter account or create an account with POPVOX.

POPVOX does not editorialize the summary of the bill, instead the site leaves the actual information about the bill and lets the organizations that support or oppose it provide the additional information needed to better understand the bill.

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