lists useful Twitter accounts for j-students


Twitter has so quickly become the most important tool in our socially connected world that the amount of accounts is overwhelming. This makes it quite difficult to find the best accounts that fit your interests. Luckily for journalism students, has recently put together a list of the “100 Twitter accounts every journalism student should follow.”

Since 1999, has been dedicated to covering all of the latest news on the online publishing industry. The website itself is a useful tool for journalism students, providing information on journalism jobs and training, as well as articles about how the internet is constantly changing the journalism landscape. However, at the very least, students should look into following a few of the accounts on the site’s latest list.

The list includes everything from journalists and reporters to online blogs to professors of journalism at prestigious schools. One of the blogs included on the list is 10,000 Words (@10000Words), a digital blog whose Twitter biography describes itself as “where journalism and technology meet.” Some notable journalists on the list include the senior editor at The Huffington Post, Craig Kanalley (@ckanal), as well as Guardian reporter Josh Halliday (@JoshHalliday).

Anyone who is dedicated to becoming a better journalist should take a look at a few of these accounts and see what kind of tips and insight they can gather. There is no substitute for the wealth of knowledge that these journalism-centered Twitter accounts are able to hand out 140 characters at a time. From journalism students to experienced reporters, there’s always something left to be learned by listening to what others have to say about the profession. The full list can be found at the following link:

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