CitizenTube a resourceful hub for breaking news


There are three main events on CitizenTube’s “featured playlist” this afternoon: a typhoon in Japan, a plane crash that killed 19 in Nepal, and the biennial Ryder Cup.

Videos are posted at mind-boggling frequency with updates on those global happenings and more, as YouTube has expanded its browsing capabilities to include raw eyewitness video.

CitizenTube provides a new avenue for journalists to gather information on the web; never before has footage been available so quickly and steadily. The concept is simple and functional: anyone can submit a video from anywhere at anytime. CitizenTube then posts the videos in the appropriate categories with near newspaper-quality headlines.

Whether a wire service needs to publish an update on a natural disaster on the other side of the globe, or a sport writer wants fresh perspective on the U.S. vs. Europe clash on the golf course in Medinah, Ill., CitizenTube has it covered.

A relatively new concept, the channel has garnered just 6.9 million views for all of its videos combined (for perspective, the single most-watched YouTube video is nearing 800 million hits).

However, it appears to be growing steadily as word spreads about its organized collection of valuable eyewitness footage. CitizenTube could grow into the “next big thing” in the world of increasingly accessible information and news content.


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