Apple struggles with new map app, competitor Google


For journalists on the go, map apps are highly dependable to get from place to place, especially when reporting a story on a deadline.

Journalists who are Apple users became frustrated early last week when Apple put out a new software update called the iOS 6. The lack of accuracy of the new map app became quickly noticeable to most users to the point where Apple CEO Tim Cook had to publicly announce an apology. This week the public letter from Cook was linked on the Apple Web site home page.

Apparently Apple was receiving numerous complaints and was the butt of jokes about the new mapping service.  Many people were complaining about getting lost and being confused and also frustrated with the new maps.

Apple’s  Cook announced to his customers that he was, “extremely sorry for the anguish caused when the company replaced Google’s maps with its own.” Apple quickly acknowledged that the company’s new maps app did not live up to its standards, especially since all the other features of the new software update were excellent and well improved.

Cook said that the more people start using the new map app the better it will get, but there hasn’t been much progress yet to date. To much surprise, he also suggested that customers try using other available maps, including Google.

Google has come to be more of a competitor to Apple instead of a partner and that is why the new map app is no longer powered by Google.  The new map application uses mapping data collected or purchased by Apple itself where before the maps were made by Apple and powered by Google.  In my opinion this yet again shows just how dominating, accurate and successful Google really is. But hopefully Apple can fix this technological issue soon enough and get writers and reporters back on track. 

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