provides new option for journalists to display work


Before digital technology became prominent, journalists would maintain a portfolio they created themselves with their clips pasted on pages along with a resume and a cover letter, all in a binder or folder.

Today, things are different.

Some journalists still believe in the old fashioned approach, which is not completely outdated…yet. But, the truth is, journalists are looking for work in a very competitive market and going digital may be the way to go.

Browsing through Google, I came across an article about journalists creating an online portfolios to display their previous and current work. is a user friendly and free way for journalists, bloggers and writers to create an online portfolio in minutes.

Not only does allow journalists to display their work, it allows them to add a biography, link to their social media pages like Facebook and Twitter, and customize the look of their portfolio.

The founder of, Nicholas Holmes, is a British freelance journalist who created the site after realizing he had no other way to show off his work to editors.

Although WordPress is a very similar tool for journalists to use if they want to create a portfolio, the writer of the article, Belinda Alzner, says that is displayed in a more uniform fashion.

It is always important for journalists to know what resources are available for them to use, especially when getting ready to apply for jobs that thousands of other journalists have their eyes on too.

Being able to stand out in a pile of 10,000 resumes and portfolios is extremely difficult, but if all you need to do is email your future potential editor a link to your resume and all of your work as a journalist – you’re one step ahead of the game.

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