How TED provides depth to a reporter’s story


Your ability to report a story is heavily defined by the type of investment you make in improving your intellect. Yep, I said it, and I probably sounded like a professor you had in college (because I definitely sound like a professor I have right now).

When I was first exposed to this wisdom, a big “duh” came to mind. Intellect increases our understanding of the world. Any topic, any category, can tell us something about the world. And if you’re a college-aged individual in a transition to adulthood, you realize you continuously hear the question: Where do you get your information from?

I love reading Bloomberg News. I follow Washington Post‘s Ezra Klein’s work. The New York Times. I also follow some blogs. And the list goes on. The opinions in the news and wisdom you expose yourself to through various media have the ability to shape how you understand the perspective of others.  And if you thoroughly expose yourself to lots of voices, you change your scope on a story.

The internet has provided a place for ideas and innovation. Lots of ideas. Some bad, some good. And we are constantly exposed to ideas, though some believe the internet may be running out of ideas.  So if you are a journalist looking for a medium on the internet that will provide depth on a range of topics to give you a clean, fresh, new, perspective, TED is a great medium to accomplish this. In fact, you can check out Arianna Huffington so eloquently communicating what it takes to succeed. Or even, Kirk Citron talking about how the news we are often exposed to may not necessarily matter to us in the future.

You don’t have to agree with every view expressed in these TED talks, as you probably don’t agree with every different news medium you are exposed to. But at the end of the day, it is an opinion, it is a view. And as journalists, we can only enhance our skills when we utilize such sources as TED on the internet to expose ourselves to the ideas of others. Ideas after all, can add color to our life – and how we write.

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