SPJ provides resources for student journalists


The Society of Professional Journalists has a special section for students on its website. Currently, the featured story on the student portal provides links to understanding the Freedom of Information laws. Meanwhile, on the right sidebar of the portal, under resources, students can click through to a multitude of useful sites.


For the autodidact, clicking the training link is like opening the top of another treasure trove of resources. The eCampus, “where journalists go to know,” provides descriptions of a multitude of training websites, including any associated costs. It’s there that I found links to extremely useful sites such as Media College, which is home to a variety of tutorials on everything from video editing to lighting.

From the Society of Professional Journalists’ eCampus, I was also able to link to The National Center for Business Journalism at Arizona State University, which offers a multitude of free online webinars on various issues relevant to covering business stories.

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