Smartphone and tablet apps for the absent-minded


Journalists and reporters can’t have the negative trait of a poor memory.  They have to remember who they interviewed and when, remember due dates and remember anything else that goes into a good story.

Most people resort to to-do lists that they write down and throw in their bag, which  then most likely gets lost.  But there are beneficial smartphone and tablet apps that quickly organize and save your to-do lists onto your phone, and you’ll be less likely to lose that.

Technology can help any journalist or reporter or anybody get through their day without forgetting to turn in a story headline or to just grab milk at the grocery store after work.

One app that many users have been impressed by is the Any.Do app available for free for iOS and Android users. This app is simple to use yet very powerful and helpful at the same time.

The app comes up on your phone as a home screen and breaks your list of to-do items into sections for today, tomorrow, this week and later. You can enter a new task by simply hitting the + icon which leads you to a new screen.

After typing in the task that you need to complete, you can arrange to set an reminder notice as well. You can edit a task, mark it as important or share it with a friend by integrating the app with Facebook or e-mail.

The user of this handy app can also file all tasks under folders marked as work, personal or any category you choose. Sub-notes can be added to each task too.

At the end of the day once you are done with all your task you can easily swipe to delete it and breathe happily knowing you forgot nothing along the way.

This app is not only good for journalists but students as well to remember schoolwork and due dates of papers or test dates.  It is extremely helpful for anybody and free, which is the best part!

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