Project Censored uncovers stories that don’t make the news


As journalists, we know that we have to stay as current as we can when it comes to news around the world.  We have to choose what would make the biggest impact, what wouldn’t conflict with advertisers, and get the most hits. During this process of elimination, there are stories that never get written because of its lesser importance.

Project Censored, a website dedicated to writing about news that doesn’t get published and then explains why, tries to take on those stories. Its mission “is to teach students and the public about the role of a free press in a free society— and to tell the news that didn’t make the news and why.”

Project Censored tries to tackle what it calls modern censorship. It defines modern censorship as “the subtle yet constant and sophisticated manipulation of reality in mass media outlets.” They feature stories or bits of news that are intentionally excluded by these media outlets as a way of hiding the truth. This manipulation can come from political pressure, economic pressure such as advertisers and funders, and legal pressure.

Another reason for this website is to assure journalists that they shouldn’t face being terminated or ridiculed because they wanted to feature a story that would go against the wishes of others as a way to expose the truth. Project Censored strongly believes in media accountability as well as the notion that a newsroom should at least provide an environment open to debate, dissent, and critical thinking.

Every year, Project Censored makes a list of the top 25 most censored national news stories in their form of a yearbook, Censored: Media Democracy in Action. Anybody can become a subscriber and make a donation to keep the website working, which ranges from $5 monthly to $100 monthly.

Project Censored makes an annual list of the top 25 most censored news stories.

Project Censored makes an annual list of the top 25 most censored news stories.

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