gives reporters tools to succeed


Journalists looking for a way to compile data and information for their reporting now have a much easier job. A website called started by the Society of Professional Journalists now makes it much easier for journalists to compile and find information.

The website contains links to multiple different databases, including the U.S. Census Bureau, that are all divided into subject categories. One category on the website titled “Severe Weather” provides links to the toolbox’s weather page, which provides multiple links to websites that track severe weather progressions within recent months. Another section compiles breaking news that pertains to the upcoming election as it is released.

Another interesting aspect of the website is how it offers links to help future journalists hone their craft. Links on the website include tutorials on how to copy write, as well as how to integrate social media sites like Twitter and Facebook into their reports.

Other links include websites that keep track of political campaign expenditures and contributions, as well as other links that help track current political movements like the occupy protests and the Tea Party.

With, the jobs of journalists all over the country just became much easier.

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