Rasmussenreports.com keeps finger on pulse of election


During the current election campaign, it seems like news outlets are talking about the latest polls that come out daily. One day it’s the CBS poll, the next day it’s the Quinnipiac poll. And so forth.

Our nation, it seems, tracks the elections like it’s the Kentucky Derby, constantly preening our necks to try and figure out just who is in the lead. Every day, a new poll emerges saying something new about the election. With the plethora of polls available, voters might find themselves disoriented going into the election.

Well, fear not voters, because now you can find every poll you will ever need in one website, Rasmussen Reports, at rasmussenreports.com.

The website, which was founded by Scott Rasmussen in 2003, specializes in the collection and publication of public opinion polling information. It focuses on providing polling information that is accurate, timely, and relevant on a daily basis.

The website features multiple categories to help users find polls they are looking for. A category titled “Election 2012” provides links for users to follow the upcoming presidential and senatorial elections. It provides breaking polls on public opinion regarding debates, job performances, and a multitude of other topics. It also provides multimedia maps of each state that help breakdown all the elections occurring in the state at the time.

Another useful feature of the website is the “Recent Releases” section which allows readers to see the most recent polls that have been completed. A recent poll shows that only 19 percent of Americans see the NPR/PBS public funding as an issue of national relevance. These polls help reporters and readers alike keep an eye on the rapidly changing ideological landscape of the country.

So for those of you who really enjoy the horse-race style of politics, log onto rasmussenreports.com, and enjoy the ride.

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