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As a journalism major, I am always looking for ways to improve my writing and grammar skills. There are some things that I’ve learned that will never leave my memory, but at times, I struggle with some grammar issues such as comma splices. While not all sites offering grammar help are completely accurate, one particular website that I have found very useful is Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab at

The Purdue Owl offers several resources for both grammar and punctuation.  The website also includes grammar exercises to help the user truly learn the material. The subjects to study range from spelling, to pronouns, to adverbs and tenses.  The site also has a grammar blog called the “Grammar Gang,” which teams up with the University of South Australia and University of Adelaide, to offer you a service in which you read posts on grammar-related activities, tips, or just plain lessons. It’s a very entertaining read for someone who enjoys learning more about the English language.

The Purdue Owl also includes help for writing essays and term papers.  Not only does it offer suggestions on how to get the paper started, but also includes APA and MLA format guidelines. One can also use an OWL tutor to help edit your papers via e-mail.

There are also resources for those learning English as a second language, and even a job search link for those interested in English or writing.

The Purdue Owl really does have a lot to offer. Even if you aren’t interested in creative writing, or currently not writing a paper, there’s a lot to be learned from the website.

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