Facebook to focus more on mobile rather than desktop


Nowadays, owning a smartphone is invaluable. For journalists, it gives them the opportunity to stay connected to emails to send documents, social media to find out about the latest breaking news, and to record important information such as taking pictures in the spur of the moment when a story shows up suddenly.

But now Facebook, the largest social media network in the world, has announced it is now shifting its focus to mobile from desktop. With this new focus on mobile, Facebook has already trained its engineers to be mobile developers and increased the update cycle for its Android and iOS apps.

This would be a great way to enhance the accessibility to Facebook. Journalists can look for potential sources for interviews or look for the latest news and see what other news organizations are posting about. These new improvements to mobile can make it easier to do all these things mentioned and more. It can also be helpful in looking up personal information on a person that is being researched about for a news story. For a recent class assignment where we had to use online resources to  find personal information on a local candidate, this would be very useful.

Being a full-time student with six classes and running around to get interviews done, I have trouble finding time to sit in front of a computer and do research. I use my phone a lot to look up information while I am on the move, whether between classes or having to multitask. Phones are becoming more advanced and with new and improved features, so it only makes sense that my mobile phone would be my go-to device for when I am in rush.

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