Newsweek magazine is going all digital at year-end


Practically every major newspaper and magazine has an online search, while still providing print versions for those readers who prefer it. There are other sources for news and special interests that were created specifically for the social media community.

But now, Newsweek, which has been around for almost 80 years, is getting rid of their print version and making it into an all-digital format.

The Washington Post sold Newsweek 2010 due financial difficulties and soon after that, Newsweek merged with the Daily Beast, a popular online news source. The editor-in-chief Tina Brown said that since the merger between a historic magazine and common news site, there has been a 70 percent increase since last year. That is more than 15 million “unique” visitors a month.

Since there has been a dramatic increase in online readers in comparison to the financial troubles Newsweek was in before, it only makes sense to keep going down that route. But of course, there are still those who prefer print. This will either lose readers or bring those readers more into the social media world.

The Daily Beast site will still publish certain articles, but the entire spectrum of articles will be on the Newsweek site, which will completely accessible through paid subscription. And Brown says there will be a broader range of content on world events. This enhancement is portrayed in the online magazine’s new name, Newsweek Global.

The last print issue is scheduled to come out on Dec. 31, 2012.

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