Nieman lab helps journalists light fires


The Nieman Journalism Lab is an online project from Harvard University. The Nieman Foundation for Journalism was established at Harvard in 1938, and the lab is certainly bringing it into the new age.

There are a couple of staff writers and interesting blog posts on the site. For example, in a recent blog post the former editor of GOOD Magazine, young journalists can read #Realtalk on what to do in the first five years of their career. The most interesting sections of the Lab however, are found under the “Fuego” and “Encyclo” tabs.

Fuego is essentially a collection of trending twitter topics coming from those connected to the “future of journalism.” It’s a great way to stay in tune with what new age journalists are talking about, get story ideas, and find interesting twitter accounts to follow.

Encyclo is a space where you can learn about other movers and shakers in the evolution of journalism.

For instance, there are entries on websites/organizations like and PolitiFact. There’s also a standing invitation for Lab visitors to help make the encyclopedia better.

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