Twitter provides intriguing insight Into nation’s political psyche


The presidential debates that have occurred during the past month have tackled many hard issues. Foreign policy, national debt, equal rights: all of these topics have been discussed.

But if you looked at Twitter, you might find a different portrait of the debates. One that centers around bayonets, Big Bird and binders filled with women.

The country it seems, has lost its attention span. No longer do people seek out the truth from political forums. Rather, it seems as a whole that our nation has become content with simply attempting to find some punch-line or gaffe in every political speech.

And what better place to observe this national onset of ADD, then on twitter, a website that limits users to 140 characters per tweet.

Minutes after the third debate ended, countless twitter users took to the Internet to reflect on the night’s proceedings.

The hashtag #horsesandbayonets was one of the top three trending topics on twitter for the night.

One Twitter user tweeted out that, “All three memes from the political debate embarass Romney, not Obama #bigbird #bindersfullofwomen #horsesandbayonets.”

Others opted for more comical positions, with one user tweeting out, “I think we should all have to fight with #horsesandbayonets … that’s what us real men are about.”

Twitter has become one part national confessional, and one part national observatory. It provides us the unique chance to look into the nation’s psyche and view the rapidly changing political mindset of the nation in real time. It presents our nation’s thoughts and musings in their most spastic and uncensored glory.

So the next time you find yourself analyzing some political forum, go on twitter, and see what the nation thinks. You might find that it has more to do with the reforms on Sesame Street than those on Wall Street.

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