VoterHub gives latest nonpartisan election news


With the elections coming up, I have tried to keep myself informed of what is going on each day. But my issue is that every time I watch the news I get about the elections, whether from broadcasts or newspapers or social media sites, it all seems biased. Being a young journalist, I try to stay away from biased news and get the straight facts. I want to know that I am voting on facts and not on popularity or biases.

AT&T launched a new app for the November 2012 election called VoterHub. It includes anything related to voter information and allows a person to share it to other sites.  AT&T partnered up with the Pew Center to design this app to serve “as a nonpartisan clearinghouse for essential voter information.” It also provides voters with national and statewide candidate information.

Some of the features it has are voter registration information, voter specific polling place information, sample ballots, access to Associated Press real-time election coverage, videos, candidate and local ballot initiative information and election results. After a person finds something useful that they want to share with friends, they can easily share it to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare and e-mail.

The app is available for Android and Windows Mobile users in their app stores and will be available in the Apple app store soon. The mobile web app is available on any mobile device with a browser at

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