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Legal issues can be difficult to understand, but the situation gets easier if you access, a unique and useful resource for journalists and people who are interested in legal matters.

This legal-based website offers a variety of resources for their consumers including news stories, professional advice, legal pleadings for different types of cases and “Ask/answer” questions features.

In addition, users have the opportunity to search for attorneys based on their area of expertise, location and years of experience. provides all the contact information about the legal professionals including phone number, e-mail and office address.

The “FindLawyer” option could be also helpful for journalists who are looking for legal experts for a story or legal analysis.

This website also offers scanned copies of legal pleadings and a detailed description of popular cases such as Sandusky’s sentence, Wal-Mart’s lawsuit by its employees and Pennsylvania ID laws.

One of the most useful features for journalists is the “Intellectual Property” forms, which includes all the documents required in cases involving copyright and trademarks.  Although a fee is charged, it does not require professional assistance, which could be very costly.

Findlaw also has a series of blogs written by legal professionals and consumers, which are organized by category, topic or geography and provide interesting insights about a variety of legal matters including free enterprise, legal weird, injured and family law.

Interactivity is another big part of this site. Findlaw offers a section where users can send their questions and later receive a detailed answer prepared by legal professionals. This process could take less than an hour. has been rated as the number one legal form products website since 2006 and it is a useful source of information about legal proceedings, news and professionals.

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