Forget a grammar rule? Grammarly is here to help


Writing any type of text in these days of automatic spell check and grammar check has become very easy and sometimes lazy for some people to remember simple grammar rules, so when it comes to writing a story these rules tend to stay in the back burner. However, there is a tool that can be of big use and very helpful for any grammar mistakes.

Grammarly is a website that help a writer correct any mistakes he or she has in the story or if it’s a student in his or her paper. This tool corrects up 10 times more mistakes than a word processor by immediately finding more than 150 types of grammatical mistakes.

The tools also suggest word choice and checks for plagiarism helping the writer avoid any problems in that area.

Grammarly can be used anywhere because it’s a website based tool and no download is needed. The program is constantly being updated to make sure the program offers the best help possible.

To use Grammarly, the user must sign up to get all the help from the site. There is seven-day free trial. After that the cost varies depending on whether the user pays monthly, which goes for $37.95 per month, quarterly, for $19.98 per month, and annual for $11.66 per month.

The user can get results of any grammar mistakes by pasting the text needed to be check and the website will then show how many writing issues the text has.

It is an automatic proofreader and more than 2.5 million people and universities such as Penn State, Indiana Wesleyan University and Franklin University have used this tool.

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