Storify can help keep your reader interested


Storytelling can sometimes be a little boring if it’s not supported with the right elements and, in journalism, a writer has to keep the reader interested. Putting together a story involves a lot more than just writing. It needs photos, video and of course, it has to have meaning behind it.

This is where Storify comes in. Storify is a website that lets a user edit and add content from other social networks to make the story or post stronger. In addition, the story’s creditability is stronger because when content from other social networks is used the name and picture of the person it was taken from is shown.

Storify uses social networks that are commonly used such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Instagram. This makes the story or post interactive, which is a great element if the story or post asks for this.

Screen snapshot of StorifyThe website makes it easy and quick to post a story especially on deadline.

The story can be editable at any time, the elements can be reordered in the choice of the user and deleted if not needed. Storify story works just like a news story by including a headline and text.

The login for Storify is easy. The user can use his or hers Facebook or Twitter account or sign up for Storify, which

involves giving an e-mail, creating a username and password. It works like Facebook or Twitter except that instead of “friends” or “followers,” the user will have “subscribers.”

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