10 Fast Fingers offers ways to improve your typing


Writing a story involves research, sources, and sometimes photos or video, but the most important element for a story involves the skill of the writer’s typing on the keyboard.

The writer’s typing speed came from tips or classes either he or she got from a typing class or by the frequently use of a computer, which is the case in most people. However, in journalism, the typing speed is crucial.

Screen snapshot of 10 Fast Fingers test page10 Fast Fingers is a website designed to help users get better and faster at typing. I visited the website after reading about it in a blog. I thought it sounded very interesting and it was actually fun.

The main page gives the user a test to show him or her how fast he or she types without logging in. To use the website to its fullest the user can either login with his or her Facebook, Twitter, Google account or by creating an account on the website.

10 Fast Fingers has 41 languages from which to choose and three levels of typing testing. The site lets the user compete with him or herself and then will show him or her the statistics of the performance.

The site also ranks the user with the best typing speed and shows which language has the most active users. English was number one when this blog was written.

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