Hindenburg recorder simplifies reporting process for journalists


Lately I’ve been looking for a good app with which to record interviews. Although the standard recording app on my iPhone usually does the trick, I felt like I could use something more.

And I was right. After searching online for a few minutes, I found the Hindenburg Field Recorder.

The app, which was specifically designed for journalists, allows you to mark points during the recording that you’d like to return to later. It also lets users implement simple edits, like copying, cutting and clearing portions of the audio you’ve recorded.

What makes this app different from other recording apps and devices is that it allows you to edit and mark the audio without having to transfer it to a laptop, computer or any other device. It’s especially useful if you need to do a quick turn-around on an article; it simplifies and speeds up the reporting and transcribing processes.

Although the app costs $29.99, you can start off with the free version to test it out. Hindenburg Field Recorder is compatible with iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads. It’s definitely very useful and, as a journalist, I think it’ll be hard to do interviews without it now that I’ve tested it out.

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