‘Raising Canes’ displays high level of Internet journalism


This week, I would like to do something a little different with my blog post. Usually, these posts are dedicated to a tool or trend within Internet Reporting that can be helpful to the class, journalism students, or the industry. To switch things up however, I would just like to praise a group of people that are utilizing journalism and the Internet extremely well, inspiring me to become a better journalist in many ways.

3PennyFilms, an Emmy Award-winning film production company, has pioneered the making of several documentary-style mini-series to tell the stories of high profile athletic programs across the country.

Yesterday, I stumbled into watching one of its shows called “Raising Canes” that was featured on hurricanesports.com. After one watch, I was hooked. This series is on the cutting edge of journalism in their marketability, through partnering with CanesAllAccess and hurricanesports.com, but also sticks to its old-school journalism guns in its reporting, interviews, and camerawork — all of which is spot on.

A screenshot of the latest episode of Raising Canes that features the Florida State rivalry.

As our lives in America become more and more hectic, we want instant access to things. The makers of “Raising Canes” understand that.

All of the episodes of the show, which is now in its second season, are available for free on YouTube. Not only print, but broadcast journalism as well, is moving towards the way of the web. And, while some say the quality is lacking because of this, “Raising Canes” proves that notion wrong.

In the couple episodes I watched, I became instantly more emotionally invested in the ‘Canes football team because of the masterful work of storytelling done through interviews and editing. Lucky for me, I was also able to enjoy a great moment yesterday when the ‘Canes won their Thursday night game against the Virginia Tech Hokies.

I highly encourage all of you reading this to check out this series and enjoy it for yourself. As a journalist, this series is something that I highly respect. As a ‘Canes fan, it makes me incredibly excited. As both, it is something so meaningful to me that I needed to dedicate a post to it.

See all of the episodes here. Learn more about 3PennyFilms here.

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